About MWd

Great stories and vision come from creative collaborations. The MWd vision is to work with our clients, developers and designers and bring out the best of these collaborations with our digital creations.

Why so many disciplines under one roof?

MWd was created to be an eclectic company, the three major areas covered by the studio are disciplines I have become a part of and enjoyed producing. I started as a Graphic Designer, it has become a lifelong endeavor and one of my college areas of study. Web Design and Development evolved from helping other developers on web projects and grew into an enjoyment of designing and developing websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Motion Graphics and design was added to the skillset after being a member of a larger production guild, Pixelcorps. I developed an affinity for motion graphics, animation and 3d modeling. Now, I offer my skill and knowledge of these areas to my clients.



Founder, Designer/Site builder