Interesting Bits

Jan 26 2015

This year I was invited to give a turbo session at BADCamp 2014 at the palace of fine arts. The session was for beginners 'An Introduction to Views"

Jun 27 2014

I will be giving a small workshop on MacOSX hardware and OSX. It is aimed and new users and owners of MacOS hardware. It will be hosted at the Redding CoWorking conference room.

Jun 24 2014

Unable to afford Storyboard Pro, or on a budget? Well, Adobe provides you with the means to Storyboard and Animate in a limited fashion with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and CC. You now have access to the tools necessary to make digital storyboards, simple previz or animated storyboards for your ebook, book, web comic, motion piece or pre-production short film.

Mar 30 2014

BadCamp is a free and open drupal community event that was hosted in Berkeley California in November this year. The community comes together to educate, collaborate and share new things in Drupal. This is what the open source software is all about, community sharing to make and keep drupal moving forward.

Mar 30 2014

This first instinct most have when making a website is to jump into their favorite graphics program and start laying out pages and imagery. This is one step of the process, but should not be the first.

Developing a website, whether it is a personal site or a professional site requires thought and yes, a lot of planning.

Jan 17 2014

  1. Go to Create a page link on

  2. Choose a classification for you page:
    1. Local Business or Place
    2. Company Organization or Institution
    3. Brand or Product [Best Choice for a service provider]

Jan 17 2014

You can have a Google Analytics (GA) and a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account simultaneously.

The Tag Manager info can be setup within and in conjunction with the Analytics info. Here is a  link to to that:

Jan 17 2014

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